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When you’re looking for income opportunity, size matters.

Why Do Businesses need boss?

Because small businesses

Need help, Badly!


Real Estate 13% of GDP

Professional and Business Services 12.0% of GDP

State and Local Government 9.1% of GDP

Finance and Insurance 7.2% of GDP

Health Care and Social Assistance 7.1% of GDP

If the opportunity you are evaluating is part of only ONE of the TOP TEN LARGEST INDUSTRIES in the United States, that would be considered GREAT.

HOWEVER, if that opportunity was engaged in TWO of the TOP TEN LARGEST INDUSTRIES in the United States, that would be simply AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, STUPENDOUS… some might even say unheard of.

That is exactly what the boss alliance™ offers

An opportunity to own your own business in TWO of the LARGEST INDUSTRIES in the United States, #2 and #4

Those two industries combined represent almost 20% of the entire Gross Domestic Product of the United States, totaling OVER $3.359 TRILLION

Securing a SMALL SLICE of such an ENORMOUS PIE means WINNING, in a BIG WAY, for YOU and YOUR FAMILY… forever.


If you have always dreamed of the right place to focus your energy, attention, and passion

If you have been looking for the right opportunity that finally pays you what you are worth

If you desire to be involved in a high caliber, prestigious career, something to be proud of
If you are tired of jumping from a dead-end job to just another dead-end job
If you want to “fire your boss” and be in total control of your destiny
If you are looking for part-time to supplement your current occupation
If you are looking for full-time to replace your current occupation
If you are looking for part-time and want to eventually migrate to full-time


Who needs


According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses make up 99.9% of U.S. Employer firms (SBA, 2019). That means a total of 30.7 million small businesses in the U.S. could benefit from the BOSS system. Small businesses employ more than 59.9 million people. There are 8.7 million minority-owned small businesses. Unemployment is lowest among small businesses.


Because small businesses need help. BADLY! As we all know, banks typically DO NOT lend to start-up or early-stage companies. When an entrepreneur goes to their local bank to get backing for their new business idea the bank doesn’t say, “NO,” they say, “HECK NO!” To be “bankable” you usually need to produce two years of profitable profit-and-loss statements, balance sheets, and tax returns.

Basically, if you can prove to the bank you don’t need the money, then, you qualify.

BOSS Alliance Members Coast to Coast

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Shocking Statistics to Consider

80% of businesses fail because of inconsistent or insufficient cash flow

68% of businesses aren’t able to receive the funding they need

According to Kauffman Firm Survey, the average start-up requires $80,000

What is


BOSS stands for Business Owner’s Success System.

The BOSS System is a multi-million dollar proprietary technology platform developed by LenCred, a 13-year-old FinTech Industry leader. The BOSS System offers a unique solution to start-up and early-stage companies to obtain essential funding to grow and position themselves to be in a constant state of readiness with capital for their business.

Historically, only 35% of start-up and early-stage companies qualify for an alternative financing method. With BOSS, that number jumps to OVER 85%.


For sure, that is the most important question you need to ask when evaluating a business opportunity. And for us, it is also the easiest to answer.

How About

Unlimited Access

to an exclusive, proprietary, technology based solution for small business

Providing a high

demand product most small businesses require immediately

Offering A Solution

to entrepreneurs that have been repeatedly told “NO”

Acquiring your own

business at a fraction of the cost of a franchise or other businesses

Receiving All

the initial training and daily continued support through live ZOOM meetings

Learn to earn

Six Figures

Consistently From Home

Becoming Part

of the BOSS Alliance™ gives you access to trusted peer support nationwide

Gaining A Head

start instantly with a large variety of professional marketing tools

Having Access

to marketing and lead generation approved vendors

Unlimited Expansion

capability; scale your company as large as you want

A Potential Return

on your investment within a few short weeks

Unlimited access to an exclusive, proprietary, technology-based solution for small business
Once your application to become a BOSS Alliance™ member has been accepted, and you have paid your one-time initial tuition, you will be granted immediate access to our Learning Management System (LMS) so you can begin your certification training. Once your training is complete you will gain access to the most powerful cloud-based, solutions-oriented technology in the FinTech industry. You will immediately be able to begin offering new client surveys, generate custom strategic plans (CSP), enroll clients, send contracts, track all your commissions, and much more. The BOSS System is an exclusive one-of-a-kind platform. This multi-million dollar technology platform offers a complete solution designed to move start-up and early-stage companies toward a rapid funding solution as well as keep them in a constant state of readiness for future capital requirements.
Providing a high demand product most small businesses require immediately

One of the top three reasons small businesses fail is the lack of adequate funding. The search for capital is usually a daunting task, and most often, an immediate need. However, what many entrepreneurs omit is the development of foundational business assets required to maintain access to funding with the best possible terms at the lowest cost. By leveraging our powerful Custom Strategic Plan™ (CSP) the BOSS solution considers the capital need as well as the often-overlooked need to develop assets required for a business to gain proper funding on an as-needed basis in the future.

Offering a solution to entrepreneurs that have been repeatedly told “NO”

Historically, only 35% of business owners qualify for the traditional unsecured business lines of credit offered by alternative business finance companies. NOT TRUE WITH BOSS. Since the creation of the BOSS Platform, over 85% of all applicants qualify. That means YOU get to help over 50% more small businesses that desperately need financing. What a great feeling! Thanks to BOSS, helping more people realize the American dream of owning a small business is not only a great career, but it’s also an endearing cause.

Acquiring your own business at a fraction of the cost of a franchise or other businesses

There seems to be an almost unlimited number of business opportunities in the world. You can buy an existing business, or a franchise, or join an MLM, or even build an online e-commerce store. So many choices. However, most legitimate opportunities that offer a significant income are very pricy. You can easily spend a crazy amount of money. BOSS is not like that. We wanted to make it affordable. At least in the beginning as we build the BOSS Alliance™ we are committed to keeping the price affordable. However, as territories fill up nationwide we will be raising the price, but for now, it is literally the DEAL OF THE DECADE.

Receiving all the initial training and daily continued support through live ZOOM meetings
With proper preparation comes success. We know that when we focus on delivering amazing training to our BOSS Alliance™ they become successful. Successful BOSS Alliance ™ members mean a successful company. That is why we devote so much of our time and energy toward the training and support of our BOSS Alliance™: A rising tide raises all ships! Not only will you gain access to one of the most powerful Learning Management Systems (LMS) available you will also be invited to attend DAILY Zoom training sessions. The NOONZOOM meetings are designed to address your individual client challenges, learn from industry experts, and meet additional valuable resources. We pride ourselves in keeping a constant focus on you and your business to ensure your rapid development and swift movement toward profitability.
Becoming part of the BOSS Alliance™ gives you access to trusted peer support nationwide
It’s been said repeatedly by many of our members that being part of the BOSS Alliance ™ is the single greatest feature of the BOSS System. As a BOSS Alliance™ member, you will have access to trusted peers nationwide anxious to assist you in building your business. Our members are of all ages and come from a wide variety of careers, a large variant of education levels, and many different cultures. Through a multitude of channels and modalities, we continuously share best practices, industry secrets, and valuable resources. You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.
Gaining a head start instantly with a large variety of professional marketing tools
Marketing is one of the most difficult parts of any business. What marketing tools should you create? Who do you trust to do the work? Which advertising medium should you invest in? With an almost unlimited number of choices, how do you sort through it all and at the same time run your company? The task of marketing can be, to say the least, intimidating. WE CLEAR ALL THE FOG!

Our Marketing Assistance Program (MAP) comes FREE with every BOSS Alliance ™ Certification Training package. We offer professionally designed Internet landing pages, printable flyers, videos, audios, eBooks, PowerPoint presentations, email swipe copy, and even suggested industry articles.

Having access to marketing and lead generation approved vendors

We offer proven lead generation co-ops in a variety of different solutions. We also provide aggressive lead traffic strategy training for a fee that is a fraction of what it would normally cost. Our business building websites can be customized with your logo, brand, and be “all about YOU.” Don’t wait weeks or months for a website to be designed and built when you can have a high traffic business builder website in hours. We pride ourselves in making your marketing task the easiest part of the business, instead of the most dreaded.

Unlimited expansion capability; scale your company as large as you want
The BOSS Platform has been designed to grow with you. When you are ready to scale your operation and add employees, BOSS has you covered. You can add additional employees to your primary account with no additional training fee, just a small additional monthly hosting fee. All your new employees will gain access to the same Learning Management System (LMS) and will go through the same certification process you enjoyed. Your employees are considered “Secondaries” and do not have access to your company details, like revenue or commissions. And, there is no limit to the number of employees you can add. Keep your business small and offer a boutique experience to your clients, or expand to a large enterprise. The BOSS Platform supports a large variety of business structure options all completely up to you to choose.
A potential return on your investment within a few short weeks
When evaluating a business opportunity there are two primary things to consider. ONE, how much can I make? We will get to that next. TWO, how fast can I get my initial investment back? As you will see in the next section, with the low cost of entry, the return on investment is quick. With the combination of only needing a couple of sales, and receiving high commissions on each sale, you could literally see your investment back in your pocket with only two sales. The risk to reward should always be considered. Rapid return on your investment dramatically reduces your risk factor and leaves you with only UPSIDE potential.
Yes… It’s important to always leave the BEST for LAST. In the movie Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise shouts “Show Me The Money.” As cliché as it might be, what is really important in business is, “WHAT IS THE EARNING POTENTIAL?” How much can I make and how soon?

With a product price averaging $4,617 over the last 549 sales, and a commission at approximately 40%, you can see that it doesn’t take a lot of sales to amass a significant income.

What is equally important is the amount of time it takes to be up and earning. Your initial certification training will take less than 10 hours. Of course, you will always be learning, but you will be ready to start working with clients in a couple of days.

You can work part-time or full time, there is no requirement to “quit your day job.” Some of our BOSS Alliance™ members start slow and when their income exceeds their current occupation they can then “fire their boss.” Our flexible opportunity is designed to fit the needs of a wide variety of personal situations.


Learning Management System – 12 BOSS Training Modules – 10 Hours of Training

BOSS Platform Access – 90-day Fee Included. ($129/month)

Daily Executive Moderated, Peer-To-Peer Continuing Education

Ask Me Anything – Customer Support System

Marketing Assistance Program (MAP) LenCred Brand

Learning Management System
– 12 BOSS Training Modules –
10 Hours of Training

This training program is designed to walk you through, step-by-step, exactly what you need to start presenting the BOSS System to potential clients. Twelve comprehensive chapters with detailed information that will empower you to start generating excellent revenue for your business.

Learn at your own pace, ask questions of the instructors, take personal notes on each chapter, retake the assessments, and come back anytime, over and over to review the material. Learning made simple, easy, and FUN. The way it is supposed to be.

Training ONE – The Fintech Industry and LenCred

  • Chapter 1 – LenCred Overview
  • Chapter 2 – LenCred Performance Statistics
  • Chapter 3 – Course Highlights

Training TWO – Introducing the BOSS System and Processes

  • Chapter 1 – BOSS Systems and Process
  • Chapter 2 – BOSS Opportunities
  • Chapter 3 – Chapter 2 Quick Review

Training THREE – The BOSS Interview Complete Demonstration

  • Chapter 1 – BOSS Interview
  • Chapter 2 – BOSS Interview Steps
  • Chapter 3 – Chapter 3 Quick Review

Training FOUR – The BOSS System Baseline Information for Sales

  • Chapter 1 – General BOSS Interview
  • Chapter 2 – Custom Strategic Plan (CSP)
  • Chapter 3 – Chapter 4 Quick Review

Training FIVE – Client Personal Credit Process and Procedures

  • Chapter 1 – Credit Pull – FPN
  • Chapter 2 – Chapter 5 Quick Review

Training SIX – Business Pro Product Features and Benefits

  • Chapter 1 – Business Pro Product Features
  • Chapter 2 – Product Versions
  • Chapter 3 – Chapter 6 Quick Review

Training SEVEN – The Custom Strategic Plan (CSP) Detailed Explanation

  • Chapter 1 – BOSS Document Review
  • Chapter 2 – Product Versions
  • Chapter 3 – Chapter 7 Quick Review

Training EIGHT – Transaction Classifications and Consumer Financing

  • Chapter 1 – Closing the Sale
  • Chapter 2 – Fulfillment Process
  • Chapter 3 – Chapter 8 Main Points

Training NINE – Account Executive Advanced User Operations

  • Chapter 1 – Advanced User Operations
  • Chapter 2 – Managing Your Pipeline
  • Chapter 3 – Chapter 9 Main Points

Training TEN – Account Executive Contract and Compensation

  • Chapter 1 – AE Contract and Compensation
  • Chapter 2 – Transaction Classes
  • Chapter 3 – Chapter 10 Main Points

Training ELEVEN – Account Executive Business Management Systems

  • Chapter 1 – Secondaries and Advanced System
  • Chapter 2 – Commission Reports
  • Chapter 3 – Chapter 11 Main Points

Training TWELVE – Advanced Financial Product Training

  • Chapter 1 – Finance Page – Tracking Clients
  • Chapter 2 – Residual Income Management
  • Chapter 3 – Chapter 12 Main Points

BOSS Platform Access
90-day Fee Included. ($129/month)

Learn at your own pace, ask questions of the instructors, take personal notes on each chapter, retake the assessments, and come back anytime, over and over to review the material. Learning made simple, easy, and FUN. The way it is supposed to be.

Soft credit pulls for your clients.

It is essential to know the creditworthiness of your client. This information is vital in positioning your client with the correct BOSS product.

Gain instant information about your client. Open and closed accounts, account balances, delinquencies, inquiries, debt-to-income ratio, utilization ratio, and more.

  • 10 monthly credit pulls included.
  • $5 fee for additional credit pulls over monthly allotment.


Sending and receiving documents electronically provides a fast and efficient way to facilitate client contracts. By utilizing the DocuSign system, we can close business at the speed of technology without all the back and forth, printing, scanning, emailing of documents.

  • 10 monthly electronic contracts envelopes included.
  • $5 additional fee per contract envelop.


Daily Executive Moderated
Peer-to-peer Continuing Education

Video conference training = NOONZOOM.

Each and every weekday ALL BOSS Alliance™ members, everyone from the seasoned professional to the first-day novice, has the opportunity to attend NOONZOOM. This training focuses on real-life case studies, valuable best practices forums, invited industry expert trainers, and peer-to-peer resource sharing. Some attendees cite the NOONZOOMS to be the most valuable asset in the BOSS Alliance™ educational suite.

If you’ve had a rough day you need the NOONZOOM, if you’ve had a great day the NOONZOOM needs you. As they say, “a rising tide raises all ships!” Come teach and learn, give and take… immerse yourself in the POWER of NOONZOOM!

Ask Me Anything
Customer Support System

Have a question that can’t wait for NOONZOOM? No problem! Shoot us an email or give us a call. Our highly experienced team is standing by to answer your questions and direct you to the fast correct answer. We also have a dedicated phone line for Account Executives ready to move you to action because we know “success never sleeps.”

Marketing Assistance Program (MAP)
LenCred Brand

A complete set of valuable marketing assets to set you up in business quickly and correctly. Whether you’re just getting started as an Authorized Rep promoting BOSS and consider yourself an “Apprentice,” or you’re a “Pro” who’s been growing your business for years, we’ve created a MAP Marketing Kit just for you!

Your LenCred branded marketing assets include the following items that all authorized BOSS Account Executives can use to promote their business.

Lead Generating Landing Page

As a Private Label Executive, you’ll get access to BOTH Landing Pages, not just one.

Powerpoint Promo Deck

The perfect presentation for one-on-one or small group meetings.

Flyer Handout

Leave a professional impression when meeting in person or sending this Flyer as an attachment.

Collection of 9 industry ebooks

Written by quality copywriters and designed by pro graphic artists, these assets will offer more information to your curious prospects and website visitors.

4 Promotional Videos

You have 4 videos in different styles so you’ll be able to meet any marketing situation with professionalism.

Logo Reveal Video Stinger

Use this standalone animated video opener to add to your own marketing and promo videos.

3 Promotional Audios

Sometimes the audio is an easier message to deliver than a video. You have access to the audio version of the videos noted above to use in your own marketing efforts as you see fit.

Marketing Email Swipes

Once you’ve generated a lead, it’s time to nurture the relationship and follow up with an email drip campaign, but writing emails can be a daunting task.

Industry Articles

For the times when you have an interested prospect but you sense they could use a little more industry-recognized authority sources of information to give them the education and confidence they need to move forward.

Value Added Features

The MAP Private Label Program

The Private Label Program is for BOSS Alliance members who are building their own company and brand and wish to use the MAP Private Label Assets to assist in their marketing efforts. If you plan to promote BOSS while growing your business to multiple six figures, you’ll want to get access to the Executive Level Private Label Program.

When you allow us to Private Label the Marketing Assets for you, you’ll receive ALL MAP assets branded with your logo and contact details.

Business Builder Marketing Website & Leads 

In an online lead generation process your website is the focal point of your activity. Your Business Builder Website is more than just a website. Your BBW is your online Hub for your lead generation activities.

Facebook Advertising Collective

The BOSS Alliance Facebook Advertising Collective is a proven Done-For-You digital advertising program, focusing on Facebook advertising designed to assist in helping you to generate more leads and close more deals, AND to become the “go-to” expert and authority in your marketplace!

The Fennell Group takes great pride in developing long-term relationships with our clients. You have to gain a high level of trust first, and seriously results are all that matters. The technology that LenCred has provided us has made a huge difference to me and my team toward achieving our goals.

– BARBARA FENNELL , The Fennell Group


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